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Branick Extends Exclusive North American Nitrogen Inflation Membrane Agreement With Air Products

Branick Industries today announced it has extended its exclusive North American nitrogen tire inflation membrane agreement with Air Products, the world leader in membrane technology for tire inflation via its PRISM® Nitrogen Membrane technology. The two companies have been collaborating for 10 years and the extension allows Branick to continue to be the exclusive manufacturer of nitrogen tire inflation systems sold in North America containing Air Products’ PRISM Membrane technology.

Air Products’ commercial manager for PRISM Membrane technology, William Phelps, says the teamwork experienced over the past 10 years has been rewarding. “We are proud to extend this agreement and will work with Branick to continue to provide quality membrane technology for their nitrogen generators for the automotive and tire industries,” Phelps said.

Branick CEO Duane Brasch, known as the pioneer of nitrogen tire inflation for the mainstream tire industry in North America, says the decade-long relationship has been a key for Branick. “Because of Air Products’ PRISM Membrane’s, companies like Costco, Wal-Mart and Discount Tire have worked with Branick exclusively. The efficiency and longevity of the membranes are head and shoulders above the competition,” Brasch said.

With the agreement extension, and due to the success Branick has had with the membrane systems, Branick plans to make changes to their warranty structure in 2012.

“Branick is so confident in Air Products’ PRISM Membrane technology, that we are increasing our membrane warranty from the current five years to seven on new mobile systems,” said Brian Brasch, president of Branick. “If filters are changed on a regular basis, we see no reason we can’t offer our customers an unconditional membrane guarantee for seven years. This includes guaranteeing the membrane from moisture and even oil.” Branick has over 3,500 trouble-free systems that have been in the field for approximately eight years.

PRISM Membrane technology separates oxygen, moisture and other impurities leaving only nitrogen, which is a dry, inert gas. Utilizing Branick Nitrogen Systems for nitrogen tire inflation in place of regular air eliminates oxidation and condensation, which damages inner liners, steel belts and rims. Research has shown nitrogen to have less corrosion on parts and less wear and tear on tires, which has resulted in being able to get three to four retreads per casing. In addition, nitrogen migrates through a tire three to four times slower than oxygen, holding a more consistent, reliable tire pressure which is known to provide longer tire life and better fuel economy. Manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri, Air Products’ PRISM Membranes are advanced technology that separates compressed air into oxygen enriched, and nitrogen enriched streams. Systems running with the PRISM Membrane technology do not require a carbon bed filter, resulting in less maintenance and long term costs.

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Branick was founded 94 years ago with the introduction of the tire spreader, invented by Earl Branick. Since then, Branick has been an industry leader in tire service and tire inflation equipment, nitrogen systems and retread equipment. Branick holds the number one position for numerous products including strut compressors, brake bleeders, nitrogen inflation systems, and the Hawkinson NDT, a world leader in retreading and casing analysis. With over 750,000 customers worldwide, Branick proudly remains focused on the tradition of quality instilled by Mr. Branick, while the team of R&D engineers continues his legacy of innovation. Today, Branick is leading the industry into a greener tomorrow by focusing on fuel conservation, and helping customers reduce their carbon footprint. With multiple manufacturing locations in the USA Heartland, Branick Industries is committed to maintaining the well-earned reputation for quality, service, innovation, and value.