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Branick - Where our story begins...

In 1910, C.E. "Earl" Branick started a tire and vulcanizing shop in Dickinson, North Dakota. Finding it hard to do vulcanizing from a book and old molds, Earl decided to put things on hold and went to work for Firestone and B.F. Goodrich, building new tires and repairing old ones. In 1917, after serving in the Army, Earl established the Branick Vulcanizing Company in Fargo, North Dakota.

Earl was an entrepreneur and prolific innovator, inventing a tire spreader that was the foundation for over 35 spreaders that Branick manufactured and sold worldwide. Other products introduced by Earl included jacks, tire changers, inflation cages, and other specialty tools. Over the years, Branick has been issued over 100 patents for various designs.

Today, Branick has gone on to be an industry leader in tire service and repair equipment, tire inflation equipment, and nitrogen systems. With over 750,000 customers worldwide, Branick proudly remains focused on the tradition of quality instilled by Mr. Branick, while a team of R&D engineers continue his legacy of innovation. Branick is committed to maintaining the well-earned reputation for quality, service, innovation, and value.





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