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Tire Discounters Chooses Branick Membrane Nitrogen Systems Through KOI Auto Parts

Branick is pleased to announce that Cincinnati, Ohio based Tire Discounters has chosen Branick Membrane Nitrogen Systems for all of their new store openings. Since 2004, Tire Discounters was the first independent tire dealer to inflate tires with Nitrogen. They continue to use Branick Membrane Nitrogen systems, Model 7400 Strut Spring Compressors and Model 2400 Tire Tool Stations in their 80 current locations and plan to expand to a total of 140 locations within the next five years.

“After some research, we have decided to continue to use Branick nitrogen and replacement systems in all of our new stores going forward”, says Forry Hargitt-Tire Discounters’ Director of Operations. “The quality and durability of Branick’s products serve our customers well and their personal customer service mimics the service we provide our own customers. Our business objectives align very well together.”

KOI Auto Parts is a Cincinnati-based, leading automotive parts supplier serving OH, KY, IN and WV. Through an agreement with Tire Discounters, KOI will be the exclusive provider of the Branick systems throughout the expansion. “Branick manufactures in Fargo and the quality shows,” said Bill Beckman, General Manager of their Equipment and Tool Division. “More importantly, the membranes that are in their nitrogen systems are manufactured by Air Products, the worldwide leader in membrane technology. It is the quality of their equipment and the personal customer service they provide that makes them stand out from the others.” Chuck Walsh of KOI added, “You can immediately tell a Branick system just by the way they’re packaged.”

Brian Brasch, President of Branick Industries said, “We’re thrilled to be a partner of both KOI and Tire Discounters during their expansion plans and am honored that they chose to include Branick Nitrogen Systems as part of their essential pieces of equipment.”

Branick was founded 94 years ago with the introduction of the tire spreader, invented by Earl Branick. Since then, Branick has been an industry leader in tire service and tire inflation equipment, nitrogen systems and retread equipment. Branick holds the number one position for numerous products including strut compressors, brake bleeders, nitrogen inflation systems, and the Hawkinson NDT, a world leader in retreading and casing analysis. With over 750,000 customers worldwide, Branick proudly remains focused on the tradition of quality instilled by Mr. Branick, while the team of R&D engineers continues his legacy of innovation. Today, Branick is leading the industry into a greener tomorrow by focusing on fuel conservation, and helping customers reduce their carbon footprint. With multiple manufacturing locations in the USA Heartland, Branick Industries is committed to maintaining the well-earned reputation for quality, service, innovation, and value.