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U.S.A. Membrane Nitrogen System At A PSA Price

Made at their manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND, the new 465 Mobile Nitrogen Inflation System features PRISM Membrane technology at a PSA price! This sophisticated, yet simple system boasts six conversion inflator ports that are capable of handling duallies or spares, the BlockHead Automatic Tire Inflator for quick, hands-free tire inflation, and a 30 gallon tank for the fastest conversions on the market. This mobile unit comes with a 7 year membrane warranty, five years of free filters and has a purity port to ensure complete accuracy. Fill a passenger vehicle in 4-6 minutes; a light duty truck in 10-12 minutes! Economical and fast mobile nitrogen tire inflation brought to you from Branick!

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Branick was founded 94 years ago with the introduction of the tire spreader, invented by Earl Branick. Since then, Branick has been an industry leader in tire service and tire inflation equipment, nitrogen systems and retread equipment. Branick holds the number one position for numerous products including strut compressors, brake bleeders, nitrogen inflation systems, and the Hawkinson NDT, a world leader in retreading and casing analysis. With over 750,000 customers worldwide, Branick proudly remains focused on the tradition of quality instilled by Mr. Branick, while the team of R&D engineers continues his legacy of innovation. Today, Branick is leading the industry into a greener tomorrow by focusing on fuel conservation, and helping customers reduce their carbon footprint. With multiple manufacturing locations in the USA Heartland, Branick Industries is committed to maintaining the well-earned reputation for quality, service, innovation, and value.